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Psychologists Toronto offers incredible psychological assistance programs to residents of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke,Markham, Newmarket, Oakville, or any other city close to Toronto. It will be a great benefit because our psychologists are all from Toronto Canada and they are some of Canada's top psychologists. You will gain knowledge about your self and others that you could not before. We will help you heal yourself from within, by strategically extracting your problems out of you. We will help you get rid of stress, depression, anxiety, family problems, marital problems and many otehr psychological conditions that may be negativelly effecting your life.

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For now we want to leave you with a gateway to a secret that many do not know about, but posess.

The ability to realize you are in a dreamwhile you are dreaming, is known as lucid dreaming. Experienced lucid dreamers are able to control their dreams. If you dedicate your time you will be able to experience real life situations in your dreams, and you will be able to do anything you want, from encounters with people, animals, objects, to ability to fly, jump like ur on the moon x 2.

Here is how to do it.

Set your alarm to wake you up 2 hours befory you usually wake up.
Do something to keep yourself awake for one hour, dont do nothing crazy, then go back to sleep in 30 minutes.
Before my first lucid dream I made and ate some eggs, then I went back to sleep on the couch.
Sleep on your back and flip through some picture book (you can even put the pc on and watch a video of something where you want to be), and while you are flipping through it keep telling your self.

"when I fall asleep I will realize I am dreaming....
am I dreaming?"
keep repeating this over and over very slowly in your head, until you put the book down and go back to sleep or until you pass out.

In your dream you will realize you are dreaming by asking yourself the question, "am I dreaming?

A new psychological portal will open up for you and you will experience the best life has to offer.

Spychologists Toronto is proud to offer you psychological advice about sleep, dreaming, and many other methods that will help you deal with your psychological problems. Our psychological services in Toronto is you chance to get better.